Update with regards to the COVID-19 situation

OptoSweden is taking the ongoing concern regarding the Corona virus very seriously. We are closely monitoring the situation and follow advice given by local health authorities and the World Health Organization. We continue to monitor news and directives as they develop and adjust our plans accordingly to ensure that we are prepared to assist you as our business partner.

In addition – all employees has been informed about how best to prevent the spread of the infection and the importance of good hand hygiene.

OptoSweden has also issued a temporary policy to prevent infection:
•We have a close dialogue with our employees about the development of the situation.
•We have enabled our employees to work from home.
•We have canceled all unnecessary physical meetings majority of meetings are now held digitally.
•We have limited travel to emergency travels only.

Most of our customers and solutions can be and have been supported remotely since before the COVID-19 situation. Some customers might experience a slightly longer response time than normal. Especially those that has security protocols that prevent us from remote support. We are continuously assessing the business continuity and preparedness plans of third-party partners to ensure there is no risk to dis-continued services and we all do our absolute best. As for now there are only minor delays for projects in Norway and Denmark as a result of schools being closed. We’re well equipped to work remotely and are still accessible through all normal channels of communication. Our technical support, customer service and the rest of our team you rely on every day remain available to prevent any interruption to our normal operations.

Let’s still have meetings via Teams, Skype, Slack, Hangouts, phone or any other technology available to us in the year 2020!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.